6 Weeks     120 Hours     Immediate Placement


All students of New Reflections Technical Institute have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning.  Our small class sizes provide a one-on-one experience that allows students to develop their schools while they learn.  Students learn from instructors and their peers.


In 6-weeks students of New Reflections Technical Institute are poised to begin employment directly out of school.  Short term classes ensure the opportunities are now and in the very short future. A small sacrifice of time will yield a large reward.  This course is concentrated and designed for smooth and seamless training.


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The Call Center Representative course is designed to successfully train and develop customer service professionals.  Students will gain a full understanding of the Call Center Role and expectations.  Course content includes soft skills, customer service skills, computer skills and automated call simulation. Students will learn how to achieve and sustain successful careers in call centers along with what it takes to excel in performance. Topics include Communication Skills, Telephony, Problem Resolution, Customer Satisfaction, Professionalism/Attendance, Career Paths, Interviewing Skills/Resume Preparation, Workplace Survival Skills/Ethics and Life Skills/Self Help.  Students will take Pre/Post Assessments and a final Certification Examination.  Upon successful completion, students will ill receive interview/placement opportunities.