If you are currently under a New Reflections repayment/reimbursement schedule and are affected by COVID-19 shutdowns, please contact our admissions office at 816-361-5239 to make arrangements.

Tuition Payments

We make paying tuition easy for you!  If you are a potential or current student, you can use this portal to pay your tuition.

Incremental payments for tuition can be made in the amount of $400.00, $200.00, or $100.00.  You may also pay your tuition in full.



Hardship Application

New Reflections Technical Institute (NRTI) provides opportunities for students who are challenged in obtaining funding to pay for classes they wish to attend.  In order to assist students in obtaining certification, NRTI offers a deferred tuition program to support our students to achieve their goals of certification.

Students in this program may not have any other outstanding student loans.


How it Works

Students must first provide verification of hardship.  Items such as: letter from previous employer, Unemployment documents, food stamp accounts, and prison release letters are some forms of verification.  Others may be considered, but on a case by case basis.

Once a hardship has been established, the student can apply for admission.  If the student meets all other requirements, they will be accepted to enroll. Students will sign an agreement to the following requirements for this program:

Students who participate in this program, agree to the following items:

  1. Must successfully complete their designated program with final certification
  2. Must accept position of employment with affiliated partner that provides tuition reimbursement
  3. Must apply for work study

Download request form here.

Hardship Request Form